las vegas cannabis card

There is a lot of talk about a las vegas cannabis card . So what is a las vegas cannabis card? How does one go about getting a las vegas cannabis card? A las vegas cannabis card is another way of talking about a medical marijuana card. There are a couple things a person must do to possess a las vegas cannabis card. In order to get a las vegas cannabis card a person must have a chronic or debilitating disease approved for marijuana treatment. There are many online sites that can help in aiding you on your quest to determine more about las vegas cannabis card. In order to be free from prosecution in las Vegas or Nevada in general you must have a las vegas cannabis card. With a las vegas cannabis card you may carry a ounce of marijuana at any given time. Federally you can still be prosecuted even if you have a las vegas cannabis card. Or if you have more than allowed with a las vegas cannabis card.

Recreation marijuana has not yet been approved in Las Vegas like in other states and in order to possess marijuana a patient of marijuana must have a las Vegas cannabis card. In Nevada as of today medical marijuana laws allow patients with certain debilitating or chronic disease to posses a medical marijuana card which will keep the patient safe from prosecution for limited medical use. Even though medical marijuana is legal in Nevada it is still federally illegal and you still can be prosecuted federally. But even with the medical marijuana card if the patient is found with more than an ounce or an expired card can and will still be prosecuted under Nevada law. You are also allowed to possess three mature plants and four immature plants.

As a medical marijuana patient you may possess vaporizers or pipes to aid in your smoking or using your medicinal marijuana. In order to be eligible for a medical marijuana card you must have one of the underlying conditions: Aids, Cancer, Glaucoma, Cachexia, persistent muscles spasms, severe nausea or pain, and any other medical condition found to be classified as chronic or debilitating. You can become a registered medical marijuana patient in the state of Nevada by filling out an application online but first you must pay a twenty five dollar application fee and a seventy five dollar registration fee.

Before you can do this you must have a doctor’s recommendation to treat one of the debilitating conditions with marijuana. Any licensed Dr of MD or DO can recommend a patient for Nevada’s medical marijuana program. Keep in mind that even though marijuana times are changing the whole world has not caught up yet and that being said employers are not obligated to accommodate medical marijuana users.