las vegas hemp card

Dispensaries now carry all kind of THC products from brownies, cookies, ice-cream, candy and much more the list really is endless so what ever your preference on taking your medicine you can rest assured they have a way of helping you get there comfortably. So now that you have your medical marijuana card and are purchasing medical marijuana from dispensaries, what about the cops? As long as you have a valid medical marijuana license and follow the parameters you will avoid prosecution from Nevada law. So what are the parameters you need to follow to avoid getting in trouble with you medical marijuana cared? With the medical marijuana card the patient is allowed with no more than an ounce or if found with an expired card can and will still be prosecuted under Nevada law. You are also allowed to possess three mature plants and four immature plants.

As a Nevada medical marijuana patient you may possess vaporizers or pipes to aid in your smoking or using your medicinal marijuana. Nevada now has legalized medical marijuana in which you need a las vegas hemp card. So if you have a chronic ailment or something approved for treatment with marijuana than all you need is a las vegas hemp card. But wait what is a las vegas hemp card? Where do you get a las vegas hemp card? How do you go about getting a las vegas hemp card?

These questions about a las vegas hemp card and more will be addressed now. A las vegas hemp card is like a license to purchase marijuana. You will have to go through quite a few hoops first before you get a las vegas hemp card. First you must go to a Doctor and check and see if your medical condition has been approved for medical marijuana and if it has than step one towards a las vegas hemp card is under way. The next step is you will fill out a application for your las vegas hemp card and there is usually a small application fee which ranges a bit depending on where you go.

So you got Doctors approval and application is filled out the next step is to run a background check to make sure you don’t have any criminal background charges i.e dealing drugs or possession which both prevent you from acquiring a las vegas hemp card legally in Nevada. After all the steps have been completed and passed you will receive your las vegas hemp card and be on your way to being able to purchase medical grade marijuana at your local dispensaries.