Many Americans think that marijuana should be legally regulated and taxed to prevent further drug wars. Marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs that are illegal. Each year 750,000 people are arrested for simple marijuana possession that’s one marijuana arrest every 42 seconds. There are more marijuana arrests for possession than all violent crimes combined. States spent an estimated $3.61 billion enforcing marijuana possession laws in 2010 alone. Marijuana has helped users of more illicit drugs deal with the withdrawals by making the time more cope able. In recent years marijuana potency has increased and this is largely due to the outlawing of the drug and just like time of alcohol prohibition both consumers and producers are inclined to look for higher potency materials. In this milestone turning point with medical marijuana being made legal in some states and regulated we are seeing a wider variety of potencies such as marijuana with almost no THC the chemical in marijuana than can cause psychoactive qualities.

This strain of marijuana is high in CBD or Cannabidiol which has more therapeutic qualities but no psychoactive. In order to be eligible for a medical marijuana card you must have one of the underlying conditions: Aids, Cancer, Glaucoma, Cachexia, persistent muscles spasms, severe nausea or pain, and any other medical condition found to be classified as chronic or debilitating. You can become a registered medical marijuana patient in the state of Nevada by filling out an application online but first you must pay a twenty five dollar application fee and a seventy five dollar registration fee.

Before you can do this you must have a doctor’s recommendation to treat one of the debilitating conditions with marijuana. Any licensed Dr of MD or DO can recommend a patient for Nevada’s medical marijuana program. Keep in mind that even though marijuana times are changing the whole world has not caught up yet and that being said employers are not obligated to accommodate medical marijuana users. What is a Lasvegasdispensarycards? Where can I obtain a Lasvegasdispensarycards?

Do you have a Lasvegasdispensarycards? Am I eligible for a Lasvegasdispensarycards? Is anyone eligible for a Lasvegasdispensarycards? How is Nevada different than other states with legal recreational marijuana? Will I be arrested with a Lasvegasdispensarycards? How do I apply for a Lasvegasdispensarycards? Lasvegasdispensarycards is a medical marijuana card. You have to fit criteria to even apply for a Lasvegasdispensarycards? Lasvegasdispensarycards can prevent prosecution as long as you have a legal Lasvegasdispensarycards. You can still be prosecuted federally even with a Lasvegasdispensarycards.