Soon-to-open Vegas dispensary celebrated on 420

It was the perfect 420 event. The owners of one of Clark County’s first medical marijuana dispensaries on Monday celebrated the remodeling of the building which will house their business.

The celebration for Sahara Wellness, appropriately located at 420 Sahara Avenue, got underway at 4:20 p.m.

The women who co-own the business said they had no idea what 420 is until they looked it up.

“I think when we got the paperwork, I think it said 420, and everybody kept saying, ‘420! 420!’ We had to Google it. We didn’t even realize what 420 meant,” Sahara Wellness co-owner Brenda Gunsallus said.

Gunsallus said she and her co-owners are really celebrating education and their business venture.

“We’ll have classes, brochures as they come in. We’ll have people on the floor that will help talk them through it,” she said. “You’ll be checked to see if you have a card. We’ll have a waiting area that you’ll wait in. Once you are vetted, you’ll come in. There will be a counter all the way down. We’ll have counseling areas.”

Gunsallus said the business will resemble a pharmacy.

“Our clientele will be the older clientele because I’ve met a lot of patients now that need this product. They are older. They’re not the younger mindset,” she said.

Much remains to do at Sahara Wellness. The dispensary needs to be licensed and cultivators have yet to be located.

Sahara Wellness is slated to open in July.